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Issue 4

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Spring 2023

Suki's Adventure
by Anaaya Patel

Sometimes we stumble upon paths where we have to walk alone. Solitude comes with loneliness and companionship comes with a test of patience. If you are reading this I hope your year is filled with new joys and new lessons. And no old lessons repeated.

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A Fellowship in Solitude
by Maaz Bin Bilal

I spent the last nine months on a writing fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany. It was a welcome break away from teaching—my first non- academic semester since I was 3 years old—to give vent to many pent-up creative energies, but also to find spiritual succour, new inspiration, and synergies. Schloss means castle in German. The fellowship was situated in an erstwhile...

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Going Places
by Oshi Agarwal

I woke up in a grassland today. I could smell and feel before I could see. The air carried rain’s spirit but the hair on my skin felt the blazing sun, one that chose its favourite while setting. The leaves tingled my feet, their waves filling me with the green scent I so love. Pressing my mouth together, I drank the air and it bloomed down my throat, opening my ears. I could hear now, the silence and the rain and the sun.

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Issue IV, Spring 2023: Solitude

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