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Issue 5

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Fall 2023

Structure of Desire

by Prof. Badrinarayanan Srinivasan

"The first thing he noticed was that desire was not a ‘pure’, ‘formless’ force that was directed outwards from within as he had been made to believe. Desire had a ‘form’. This ‘form’ would sometimes be an object, sometimes a person, sometimes an experience—always an imaginary situation or promised fantasy projected into the future. This fantasy almost always included him—the ‘desirer’—much like the self-portraits that tourists take of themselves, smiling with celebrities or against the backdrop of monuments."

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The Choice
by Khushi Mohunta

Seldom does someone make thy feel, 

How broken hearts; love heal. 

I do believe in age with time, 

But what about the promise of being forever mine? 

Not yours I am but of my beloved to rejoice, 

You chose to treat me brutally even when you had a choice. 

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The Infinite Woman
by Divyanshi Sharda

Become the Woman of love,
Embrace the Universe's art.
Discover the white jasmine,
Tucked away in Your heart.
Behold the pearls of wisdom,
Adorning Your gentle nape.
Close Your eyes to merrily hum,
The eternal song, born of the glorious Earthscape.

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Issue V, Fall 2023: Desire

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