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Issue 3

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Fall 2022

Women, Wit and a 
Humourless World: A Conversation with Marlowe Granados

Marlowe Granados’ debut novel ‘Happy Hour’ is a radical exploration of femininity and fun in these tumultuous times. Ira Sinha and Ananyaa Murthy spoke to the Toronto-based writer about glamourous feminism and the problem with self-seriousness. Her writing has also been published in The Cut, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

Read the full interview here.


Simon Osborne on
Comedians, Culture and the Politics  of Comedy

Actor, performer, and most importantly pretend Prime Minister in the critically acclaimed television series Blackadder (1983-1989), Simon Osborne was kind enough to speak with Ira Sinha and Ananyaa Murthy on his experience working in comedy and his thoughts on humour and political reactions to it today.

Read the full interview here.


Come Teagether

Huw Spink is the founder of ‘The Teatles’, a magazine celebrating The Beatles and tea, bringing together the Beatles fandom in a unique and unconventional manner. Ananyaa Murthy and Ira Sinha from Needle had the opportunity to explore the very personal perspective through which Huw Spink began this initiative. 

Read the full interview here.



Issue III, Fall 2022: Humour

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